Fontanot Contract: We bring excellence to the staircase manufacturer industry.


You ask_experience

_we create a service that is strong with forty years of success. Fontanot was the first brand to take artisanal staircases to an industrial contract level, and during this year it has evolved and has been able to fit into a demanding, ever-changing market.


You ask_quality

_we create solutions studied through a careful material selection, materials that Fontanot uses to design their staircases and railings and turn them into design furnishing elements. 


You ask_custom made

_we create unique and custom-made projects and as stair manufacturers and contractor we turn your project into something that can satisfy the most complex requests and needs of industral solutions.


You ask_safety

_we create a service with strong experience and preparation on the main international security norms. Fontanot is a company that meets the quality standard ISO 9001:2008, and that adopts a careful company policy that guarantees that all stairs and railings are constructed with excellence of quality for its customers.


You ask_expertise

_we create a team of expert designers, specialists, employees and sellers. Every person on our Fontanot Contract team is involved in our projects, each with their own abilities and strengths to develop each project from start to finish.


You ask_innovation

_we create a service that constantly accepts new challenges. Fontanot staircase manufacturer is built on an innovative view of both the company itself, and of all of the global market.

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19 February 2015


Sabaf SpA – BS

3 February 2015


Hotel “Il Sereno”

25 October 2016


Have a dream?

Are you an architect on the look for an innovative element in your project? Are you a large contractor on the look for a staircase manufacturer that can match up with your projects? Or you just want to to give a new twist to your living or working spaces?

With Fontanot Contract, every dream can become a project.

Modular staircases and tailor-made projects. To each their own. Every single component will encase the competence and elegance we are capable of.
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You ask_we create

Creativity is the art of making ideas happen, and Fontanot knows it well. We offer brilliant custom-made staircases and sophisticated modular staircases to make your ideas happen. You ask, we create.


We are the ideal partner for big projects. Big as your ideas, big as our solutions.

100% Custom-made

You ask _ we create collects the greatness of our vision: the wishes of our clients are our opportunity to create.

Quality made in Italy

Our staircases are constructed with utmost care and built with the highest quality materials.

Strength and Competence

Over 40 years of experience make our brand an international reference point when it comes to design stairs, railings and hand rails.