Innovate, design and plan your stair, don’t copy.

Fontanot was the first company to think about modern staircase design on an industrial level.
Without any example or reference, Enzo Fontanot immediately thought about the structure of stairs and their individual elements, like steps, railings and the main frame. He carried on with his ideas and worked on modular staircases in a way that reduced the diversity between singular elements and multiplied their functionality.
Fontanot currently represent the most qualified and most complete concept of modern and contemporary staircase designs in the global market.

What we do

We have been producing modern and contemporary staircases for over 40 years, and we re-invent our field of expertise with every project. We put creativity into all of our projects, big or small. We develop beautiful, yet functional solutions for every space: our work speaks for itself. We are flexible and concrete in our design and, depending on the type of project, we use both custom made and modular staircases.
Custom Made Modular Staircases

Some of our  abilities

Innovation, always100%
Technical planning100%
Attention for design100%
Care about materials100%
Support and expert advice100%

Fontanot Worldwide

5 companies in 4 countries  |  250 employees  |  200 external collaborations  |  30 million euros in sales volume (38% national, 62% international)  |
4 productive implants (3 in Italy,1 in Romania)  |  95 Countries in which our products are distributed.
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