We design beautiful modular staircases.

Our establishment over the years has evolved tremendously from an artisan business to an industrial one in the 80s when the standardization of the stairs was introduced thanks to the development of a modular system that allowed the aggregation of many standard elements. Fontanot has become the promoter of new design solutions and important objectives; it means a total redesign of the product and a real reorganization of the corporate functions. With our Contract Division, we have established ourselves as a new reference point exclusively reserved for Real Estate and Home Interior professionals looking for a modular staircase solution, which is what this division is at its core: A project born to develop new opportunities in the Contract System field. It is a reality that constantly adapts itself to an evolving international market scene with emerging needs and demands.

Our range of Services

A growing need for modular staircase systems around the world has been the driving factor for Fontanot in reserving a spot for Contract Business in our services. Keeping in line with our principle mission of ‘you ask we create,’ the winning idea is to collaborate with the most important developers that will seek to utilize our spiral stair solutions to accompany and finish their final projects, allowing clients to customize their own staircase plan. We consider this one of the factors of success in the Fontanot B2B formula.