Modern design stair railings: Indoor and Exterior 

Our Contract Division here at Fontanot specializes in personalized design projects and made-to-order staircases to meet every client’s need. With a legacy that is over forty years in the making, and which began with a small business making handcrafted staircases, we are proud to say that we have become a leading brand in our sector, and with that comes great responsibility. We pride ourselves in catering to a diverse and international clientele, one whose necessity has expanded to include customized stair railing solutions for indoors, outdoors, staircases, balustrades, terraces and balconies.

Every stair needs a well-designed railing system

Like the evolution of our staircases, railings saw an industrialized shift as well, becoming a standardized product during the 80s. In terms of our business, this means being able to ensure our clients modern railings for stairs that are tailor made, almost artisanal, with a wide choice of finishes, patterns, sizes, poles, handrails and accessories, all with the guaranteed quality of industrial production.

Fontanot stair railings

We use the highest quality material to realize our four lines of custom-built stair railings that include INOX 22, INOX 21, INOX 20 Wire and INOX 20 Screen. All four lines are created with different types of high quality stainless steel that guarantees greater resistance and prevents against corrosion. This is ideal especially for outdoor options, as our Contract Division is now also available to create indoor and exterior railings for terraces, balconies and mezzanines. Our rails feature the most innovative designs as well as satin or polished finishes and can be combined with other materials to allow maximum customization for a creative and personal design solution based on the needs and requests of our prestigious clients. We work side by side with architects and home interior professionals for clients that encompass a variety of sectors from residential to hospitality and large-scale projects. All of our solutions are made in Italy at the Fontanot Research Centre, bearing a trademark that is synonymous with quality, and promises sturdiness, versatility and multiple solutions and applications that meet the different needs of the market.